Welcome to Visual Ice®
Freezer Door Fog Ads
Visual Ice Delivers 48% Lift!
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Welcome to Visual Ice®, the solution for all your chilled-goods advertising needs!

Innovative and eye-catching, Visual Ice® promos can grab a customer’s attention like nothing else. Totally invisible until the customer opens a freezer or fridge door, Visual Ice® technology responds to the temperature change by producing a promotional design or logo in the form of frosted glass on the door. These images begin to show themselves within seconds of the door being opened and remain visible for as long as the door stays open and up to minutes after the door has been closed.

But not only do Visual Ice® promotions deliver a “cool factor” beyond anything we’ve seen in the industry for years, they are also:

• 100% food safe!
• Clear-aisle compatible with nothing to clutter the store.
• Installed and removed in minutes.
• Interactive, encouraging and engaging for the consumer.
• Available in large sizes limited only by imagination!
• And best of all, 100% Compliant!
Visual Ice Comes Alive II
Visual Ice Comes Alive II
Visual Ice Comes Alive
Visual Ice Comes Alive
Visual Ice Application Instruction Video
Visual Ice instruction video