Walk into any of today’s modern grocery or convenience stores and it’s quickly evident that they’re utilizing every square inch to promote products and services. Ads hang from the ceiling and are glued to the floor. Signs and placards stick out from the shelves. Even the dividers at checkout and the shopping carts themselves carry several advertisements apiece. Almost any area is covered with advertisements of some sort, except for one… The frozen foods section!
Since the advent of the insulated glass door, huge portions of grocery and convenience stores have effectively been “off limits”, or at least severely restricted, for advertising by retailers and suppliers alike. And with some stores having as many as 100 freezer doors available, that’s a lot of acreage just waiting for a key to unlock it.

The solution? Visual Ice®

Using an internationally patented process, a Visual Ice® promotion grabs a customer's attention like nothing else! Invisible until the customer opens a freezer or fridge door, the magic soon begins once the door is opened
in the form of a logo, promotion or advertisement coming to life, responding to the temperature change by producing an image of the promotion on the door that can last for minutes even after the door is closed. What’s best, is that Visual Ice® promotions won’t hinder product visibility and is not only noticed by the consumer at the door, but can be seen from as far down a grocer’s aisle as 75’ in either direction, leaving a lasting impact and drawing-in customers with it’s “inter-reactive” nature!

So, why Visual Ice® ?

Well nothing against the old way of advertising on glass freezer doors, but the old “clings” not only have size limits so as not to block the consumer’s view of the product, they are often removed by competitors, mischievous kids or even store managers who don’t like the clutter. Additionally, these “clings” have been around for years, so they appear like just another advertisement consumers have become desensitized to in today’s supermarkets. With Visual Ice®, vendors get a great new way to expand their brands, a new source of recurring revenue is created for advertisers, in-store promo companies and the retailers alike and when the customer marvels, everybody wins!

But how does it work, you ask…? Well we’ve all experienced glass freezer doors “fogging-up” after just a few seconds of being open, right? Well thanks to patented technology, Visual Ice’s “easy-to-apply/easy-to-remove” proprietary process now makes it possible to use those glass doors for promotional purposes by embedding your advertisement right into the glass! It’s 100% food safe and 100% compliant making Visual Ice® one of the best inventions since, well, frozen foods!

Thank you for researching what all the buzz is about. I’m sure there will be a lot of questions, but the first one we have for you is, what do you think about the concept?