February 2013



Retailer Utilizes Innovative Advertising to Promote Brand in All Stores

Visual Ice® Launches Campaign at Clark's Nutrition & Natural Foods Market  

Retailer Embraces Freezer Door Fog Ads After Reading Article Promoting  Successful Lift Rates through Visual Ice Advertising



IRVINE, Calif., February, 2013 - Visual Ice, Inc., global developer, patent holder and exclusive distributor of  the Visual Ice® in-store POP promotions product,   announces its has launched its newest campaign with Clark's Nutrition & Natural Foods Market based in Riverside County, California. The draw to Visual Ice came after the marketing director of Clark's had seen a published article about the success of Visual Ice in its nationwide campaign, which focused on teaser marketing features for several major food and non food manufacturers utilizing the unique advertising medium Visual Ice offers. Clark's and Visual Ice initially agreed to do several applications as a test pilot for its stores and after much positive feedback, the decision was made  to expand the brand awareness Visual Ice advertising provides to other locations to support the store's grand reopening.

"We'd heard about Visual Ice and wanted to see it in action for ourselves," commented Mike Barnett, marketing director of Clark's Nutrition & Natural Foods Market. "After an initial test pilot, we received overwhelming positive responses and made the decision to implement Visual Ice advertising in each of our locations with the ultimate goal aimed at offering Visual Ice to our valuable vendors."

“Clark's Nutrition & Natural Foods Market adds to the growing list of retailers who see the immense value of Visual Ice and the potential to increase margins through an area of the store where advertising has been an issue in the past," stated Carl Christ, VP of Development and Co-Inventor. " We are excited to see continued growth and awareness climb as more grocers discover the unique advertising possibilities Visual Ice offers."

Several retailers experienced successful results during previous Visual Ice campaigns from the use of this innovative advertising in the frozen goods section, with a lift rate of up to 48%, proving Visual Ice provides a much needed promotional draw for freezer door POP advertising.

Visual Ice provides Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) advertisers, such as Kraft Foods, Inc., Pillsbury, General Mills, Kellogg's, ConAgra Foods, Inc. and others, with a unique way to reach the consumer in the under-utilized frozen goods section of  storefronts nationwide. Visual Ice signage increases customer awareness by communicating promotional pricing and branding in a way that has never been done before; on upright door cases in frozen food sections within a store.  Working with the manufacturers, Visual Ice has completed over 10,000 applications, creating product awareness and cross-marketing channels for several highly-recognizable products.

About Clark's Nutrition and Natural Foods Markets

Clark’s Nutrition and Natural Foods Markets have been family owned and operated since 1972. A leader in the Natural Products Markets Clark’s has a wide selection of whole and organic foods, organic produce, bulk foods, dairy and deli items, prepared foods and a full frozen foods selection in all of its stores. Clark's is a leader in vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition, herbs and bulk teas, heath & beauty products, and homeopathic remedies. Four generations of Clark family members and employees have continued bringing healthy living  to as many individuals that desire a healthy lifestyle.


About Visual Ice®

Utilizing a patented process, Visual Ice® is an innovator in one of the newest applications of shopper marketing that is like nothing else in the field of in-store promotion technology. With the proprietary invisible Visual Ice coating, the advertiser has the ability to create an unlimited variety of designs to promote its products and brands in the frozen goods section, along with invaluable cross-marketing opportunities. The images are applied to the glass doors and are transparent until the freezer door is opened revealing the image. After the door is closed, the image will remain visible for up to two minutes. Because the images are transparent, the views of the products inside the case are not obstructed to the consumer.

Visual Ice was featured as one of POP Design’s TOP 5 MOST INNOVATIVE IN-STORE ADVERSTISING IDEAS at the In-Store Marketing EXPO in Chicago, USA, a highly reputable venue for advertising concepts. Check out images from the many food manufacturers utilizing Visual Ice on the company's Facebook page  at


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