February 11, 2008  


CBS Utilizes Visual Ice Promotions for Touting Hit Vampire Show "Moonlight"



• Television Network Draws on Innovative Advertising Medium to Attract Consumers

SAN CLEMENTE, CALIF., FEBRUARY, 2008 - Visual Ice, Inc., global developer and exclusive distributor of the Visual Ice™ patent-pending in-store nano promotions product, has partnered with the television network CBS to utilize its product for promoting its hit vampire show “Moonlight” through an agreement with Visual Ice Marketing, Inc., the Dallas-based exclusive distributor for the US market for Visual Ice’s unique advertising medium.

CBS is one of the first television networks to use the innovative technology for promotional purposes in which the invisible coating, Visual Ice, is affixed to the inside of freezer doors to promote various in-store products.

“The fact that we are able to capture unused real estate in a venue full of advertising features makes it that much more innovative”, commented Guillermo Seta, Vice President of Visual Ice, Inc.. Seta, heading Visual Ice’s international efforts, optimistic on the global markets’ opportunities, added: “we are currently crafting product offerings on a global basis and are expecting product roll outs in Europe, Latin America and Asia as early as Q3 this year”.

Through the invisible coating of Visual Ice®, the advertiser has the ability to create various transparent designs, similar to ice carvings, to promote its products. The images appear, once the freezer door is opened and will remain visible for approximately two minutes after the freezer door is closed. Because the images are transparent, the views of the products inside the case are not obscured. Visual Ice® signage increases customer awareness by communicating promotional pricing and branding on frozen upright door cases in frozen food throughout a store. The Visual Ice product revolutionizes in-store advertising on frozen food aisles by offering a unique promotional and brand awareness opportunity, which was until now, not available by any other company.

Visual Ice® has been used or tested by approximately 100 retailers, including Food Emporium, Ralphs and Wal-Mart.

Visual Ice ™ was selected as one of the TOP 5 MOST INNOVATIVE IN-STORE ADVERSTISING IDEAS at the 2006 In-Store Marketing EXPO in Chicago, a highly reputable venue for advertising concepts.

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