August, 2012



Visual Ice® Partners in Australia with Genesis Instore Marketing, Opening Up New Marketing Channel for Innovative POP Advertising

Visual Ice Signs Agreement with In-Store Marketing Company Demonstrating Increasing Global Interest in Visual Ice Technology



IRVINE, Calif., August 15, 2012 - Visual Ice, Inc., global developer, patent holder and exclusive distributor of the Visual Ice® in-store POP promotions product, announces it signed a partnership agreement with one of Australia's fastest growing in-store advertising companies, Genesis Instore Marketing to exclusively promote Visual Ice products to manufacturers and retailers in Australia.  This marks the opening of the largest non-US market to date for Visual Ice as word spreads internationally about this revolutionary new advertising medium for freezer doors.

Established in 2006, Genesis Instore Marketing is an integrated retail marketing organization with a focus on brand development and promotion in the retail arena. The leadership team at Genesis Instore Marketing, having come from larger point of sale display organizations, differentiated itself by uncovering an opportunity to offer a marketing service based on total in-store marketing objectives and not only supply of POS material. The company covers a broad spectrum of in-store marketing services, as well as point of purchase advice, strategy, creative direction, graphic design, logistics, training and merchandising.

Freezer doors create a significant challenge for current in-store advertising technology.  Because frozen food packaging needs to be viewed by shoppers, traditional methods, such as signage or decal application are understandably undesirable. Visual Ice allows retailers and brands alike to place a message or logo on the door of a freezer, which is invisible until the door is opened and condensation appears. Then, you can watch as the logo is magically visible for as long as the door is open and remain for up to two minutes once the door closes and the condensation gradually dissipates.

“We constantly ask ourselves how we can help our clients engage shoppers in the frozen and refrigerated products space and in partnering with Visual Ice® in delivering this opportunity to Australian retailers and brands, we now have the answer." said Andrew Mansfield, Director Genesis Instore Marketing.

The patented Visual Ice® technology has been used or tested in around 300 retailers in the US where preliminary data indicated sales increases of up to 48% for products advertised with the Visual Ice® compared with the prior period.

"We are excited to be entering a new international market for Visual Ice by partnering with a leader in the in-store marketing area, like Genesis Instore Marketing, that understands innovation is the key to capture consumer attention in a world inundated with communication messages ," stated Carl Christ, VP of Development and Co-Inventor. "The interactive nature of Visual Ice is captivating, intriguing and is helping manufacturers in both food and non-food brands raise awareness of its products, while providing solid product lift results. We look forward to a successful partnership with Genesis Instore Marketing and are excited to open these new channels for forward-thinking manufacturers."

Working with the manufacturers, Visual Ice creates product awareness and cross-marketing channels for several highly-recognizable products. Through the proprietary invisible Visual Ice coating, the advertiser has the ability to create an unlimited variety of designs to promote its products and brands in the frozen goods section, along with invaluable cross-marketing opportunities.  In addition, this medium allows for some of the largest advertisements in-store, extending the reach of those ads the entire length of the aisle.

The nano-technology of Visual Ice enables an interactive "billboard" to appear on the freezer door. The "reactive" nature of the promotion is totally unique and creates a particularly engaging buzz for shoppers. The applied messages can also be seen from a distance, influencing passing shoppers as well. Big brands in the US such as Kraft, Healthy Choice, and Hershey's have begun to use this cutting-edge surface technology which offers a fantastic opportunity for retailers, frozen food manufacturers and cross-promotion brands to effectively engage frozen product shoppers.


About Visual Ice®

Utilizing a patented process, Visual Ice® is an innovator in one of the newest applications of shopper marketing that is like nothing else in the field of in-store promotion technology. Visual Ice was featured as one of POP Design’s TOP 5 MOST INNOVATIVE IN-STORE ADVERSTISING IDEAS at the In-Store Marketing EXPO in Chicago, USA, a highly reputable venue for advertising concepts.

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