Visual Ice®
Freezer Door Advertising
Items advertised on freezer doors using the Visual Ice application had increased sales of over 48%!
Customer and employee reaction on

“I saw this at my local grocery store and was very impressed. Great marketing tool for frozen products.”
– Dale
“Great "in your face"… way to feature all those brands we are looking for at the store. See it, grab it, buy it, done!”
– Allison
“I wish my business had a freezer section because these are really cool!”
– Mary
“Love the look of this - So many opportunities to advertise where traditionally the space has been left blank! Looks great!”
– Vida
“It was so cool to see when we opened the door it showed up. I think it’s a neat way to put up ads. It really gets your attention.”
– Jennifer
“(My managers) were amazed and so was I! I think the Visual Ice advertising is a great way to grab customer's attention. Keep it up.”
– Rich

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