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VISUAL ICE® images start to show themselves within a few seconds of a freezer or cooler door opening (or any chilled glass hitting ambient air) and remain visible for as long as the door stays open and up to several minutes after the door closes, depending upon environmental conditions.
Not only does VISUAL ICE® deliver a “cool factor” way beyond anything seen in the industry for years, but it also provides:

• The ability to be applied on virtually ANY existing freezer or cooler door
• Huge ad sizes (limited only by the size of the door)
• Clear-aisle compatibility with nothing sticking out or cluttering the store
• Interactivity encouraging the consumer to open the door
• 100% COMPLIANCE! That’s right, once it’s applied it CAN’T be taken
off by a competitor, mischievous child or store manager. Only a trained
merchandiser can take it off and then it comes off in just minutes.