When you walk into one of today's modern grocery stores it is quickly evident that the store is utilizing every square inch of space it has to promote its products and services. Not only will you see the more traditional signs and placards sticking out of the shelves, but even the dividers between the food at the checkout line and the shopping carts themselves carry several advertisements. Ads hang from the ceiling and are glued to the floor. Virtually any space where an advertisement can be placed without impeding traffic or product accessibility - it is (and sometimes even if it does impede traffic!)

Unfortunately for these advertisers, a huge section of the store has been “off limits” or severely restricted to POP advertising: The Frozen Food Section. It is common to see stores with as many as 200 clear glass freezer doors in them. While it is possible to place some "cling" type promotions directly on the doors themselves, their effectiveness is limited by three significant issues.

First, they can't be too large or they’ll block the customer’s view of the products through the glass.

Second, these “clings” are often removed by competitors, small children, even the occasional store manager who doesn’t like clutter.

Third, these “clings” have been around for years and so they look like just one more of the many small advertisements consumers have become desensitized to in today’s supermarkets.

But now these obstacles have been overcome with the advent of Visual Ice’s In-Store Freezer and Refrigerator Promotions using our patented nanotechnology process.

Visual Ice is the answer to the freezer advertising problem!

We’ve all experienced a clear glass freezer door “fogging up” after a few seconds of being open. With Visual Ice Inc.’s proprietary process, branding, advertising and special promotions can be embedded into the door itself thanks to the miracle of nanotechnology. Visual Ice® promotions start to magically appear within a few seconds of the door opening and remain visible while it’s open and for approximately one minute thereafter before returning to their ‘normal’ clear state.

Some advantages over traditional floor or shelf ads include the ability to see a freezer ad from 50 feet away (or more) while looking down an aisle. In other words, you don’t have to be right in front of it to get an “impression”. Its uniqueness and novelty grabs attention and keeps people talking.

The process is safe, quick and simple. While it will not wipe off from conventional wiping or cleaning, Visual Ice Inc. has developed simple techniques for removing old promotions and replacing them with new ones as often as the vendor or store wishes.

While the time it takes to show detail is dependent on the difference between the ambient temperature of the store and the temperature of the glass door, we have also been successful on refrigerator as well as freezer doors in many areas throughout the country.

Vendors get a great and novel way of expanding their branding and a new source of recurring revenue is created for advertising and in-store promotion companies as well as the stores themselves; customers marvel, everyone wins.

Thank you for researching what all the industry buzz is about. I’m sure there will be a lot of questions, but the first one I have for you is, what do you think about the concept?

Adam Zax