Using a patented process owned by our parent company, Diamon-Fusion International® (DFI), Visual Ice, Inc. has become an innovator in one of the newest applications of nanotechnology.

Our patent research has shown that Visual Ice is the ONLY In-Store Promotion technology to employ the wonders of this amazing process.
So what is Nanotechnology? Nanotechnology is the science of very tiny objects that are between 1 and 100 nanometers thick and are manipulated at the atomic level. A Nanometer is One Billionth of a meter.

To put it in perspective, our inventor once noted that our coating applied to a piece of 1/4” glass as like a nickel sitting on the top of the Empire State Building.

We use the patented nanotechnology at the heart of Diamon-Fusion to create the Visual Ice® Nano-Promotion. Learn more about our parent company at

So what is a Nano-Promotion? A Nano-Promotion is the ability to put a specific design or logo on a Freezer or Refrigerator door at a Supermarket or other retail or promotional environment. The embedded image remains invisible until either the door is opened or until warmer air is blown on the surface by manual means. The greater the difference between the air temperature of the store and the freezer or refrigerator temperature, the quicker the image will show.

We have DVDs of applications that show in real time how remarkably quickly the images appear and how they remain visible for approximately one minute after the door is closed. (Assuming no warm air blowing system, which is usually unnecessary.) If you would like to learn more about Visual Ice, contact us to request your DVD today.

How does the Nano-Promotion become visible?

The concept is deceptively simple. Using a stencil, we smooth out the microscopic peaks and valleys naturally found in glass. By doing so, condensation shows itself much quicker in our treated areas. The contrast between the treated and untreated areas creates the image that can be positive or negative.

This process is patent-pending in over 120 countries including the United States.

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